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When opening a new business or taking on a new premise your shop signage must be up to date, this should be one of the first actions you take. Even if your premise is not open or due to open until the future it is a brilliant source of advertising to enable passing to trade to know what and who you are. It is also a beneficial way to attract interest before an opening date is set to boost the passing trade.

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Shop Signage can be designed in many forms, whether it be facia boards, illuminating signs, LED lettering, a boards or flat cut PVC letters, each design can be unique to your company and individual preferences.  The design aspects that can be applied to various models make it a valuable tool in your advertising needs. Shop signage can be very versatile and tailored to all your requirements, enabling you to attract the attention of a greater range of customers to the design you wish to achieve. Graphics can be used to enhance the brand message, from translucent to full cut graphics.

Normally shop signs need to be bold, illuminating and most importantly memorable to ensure bypassing trade will use and remember you for future reference. How your shop signage looks will portray how your business looks and feels inside, therefore having a welcoming, clean and tidy shop sign is important to get business in.

Window graphics and A-boards are also a beneficial way to advertise, these are particularly useful if you have a product or service you wish to advertise but only for a short period. Window graphics and A-boards can be altered or removed as often as you require, meaning you can advertise multiple items at once.  These are extremely popular to use due to the effectiveness of the advertising towards your audience, therefore, projecting your message further towards the potential client.

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Explaining a Skoda Cambelt Change

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Is It Time For A Skoda Cambelt Change

The cambelt or timing belt is one of the most important serviceable components that need replacement at the right time and with the right service company executing your Skoda cambelt change. The internal combustion engine hosts the cambelt to carefully synchronise the rotation of the crankshaft and the camshaft, thus, enabling the engine to perform its functionalities of opening and closing the cylinders during intake and exhaust strokes with perfect timing. A break in the timing can prove to be fatal to the engine as this belt secures the piston from heavily striking the valves of the engine. With such a crucial role in the working of your Skoda engine, it becomes a necessity for you to keep a close eye on the cambelt at all times and ensure that you take your Skoda cambelt change seriously.

SKODA Cambelt Change Due to Wear & Tear

The wear and tear of the timing belt or cambelt for Skoda automobiles normally sets in with the hard travel of around 80,000 miles. Either you go by that or have your service stations check for the validity and functioning of the belt every 4 years. This will ensure that you aren’t running on the lines of danger if your car engine is pumping on an old and easy rupture-prone cambelt.

Skoda Cambelt

Skoda users

For Skoda users, we highly recommend that if you have either completed 80,000 miles of running the car for a good 4 years, you ought to get your vehicle to your trusted Skoda service station or Skoda dealership centre for more information on the health of your cambelt. Once your cambelt is checked by our team of experts, spread all across the nation, we will get to replacing your cambelt before it costs you a fortune to replace the entire ruptured engine.

So, if you want to save your hard-earned bucks and also increase the longevity of your Skoda automobile, visit your nearest Skoda service station today for a Skoda cambelt change!

Private Pregnancy scan

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Concerned mums to be may want a private pregnancy scan, for many different reasons it could be that they are a first-time mum and want peace of mind that everything is okay, or that they have had problems in the past and they crave the reassurance that everything will be okay this time, or just that they are so excited they simply cannot wait for the NHS scan that seems so far away!

A private pregnancy scan can take place as early as 6 weeks at some private clinics, as a rule on the NHS you will normally have to wait until between 8-12 weeks. On the NHS usually, you will be given two scans, one at 12 weeks, one at 20 weeks…so some women feel they need extra so go ahead and book a private pregnancy scan.

A private pregnancy scan can cost anything from £45 up to £70 depending on which clinic you go to.

During a private pregnancy scan, there are a couple of things that will be checked, the uterus: the sonographer will check that the uterus is where it should be, then the heartbeat, in this scan a heartbeat is not listened too as this could be dangerous for the baby at this stage, but you will be able to see it flickering on screen.

There have been lots of medical studies that have proved that ultrasound scans do not harm the baby or the expectant moms to be. As a private pregnancy scan only last approximately 15 minutes it poses no threat and will not cause any harm.





Floor Screeding Contractors

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The Role of Floor Screeding Contractors

Respected and reliable floor screeding contractors should possess a collection of skills that are essential for success in the manual labour industry, especially one as technical as floor screeding contractors. Applying and completing a floor screed project takes an array of practical knowledge and complete understanding of the product for floor screeding contractors to administer an outstanding, professional flooring solution for the customer. These projects can range from small domestic properties, for example, levelling out a garage, to huge commercial projects such as schools and offices looking for flooring screeding contractors to renovate the entire building.

Highly trained floor screeding contractors can help and guide you to the perfect flooring, understanding all screeding services and their applications. These services offer a range of flooring solutions for both domestic and commercial properties, floor screeding contractors services include liquid screed, flow screed, sand and cement screed and underfloor heating.

Floor Screeding Contractors

Find the Right Floor Screeding Contractors

The perfect floor screeding contractors should incorporate several attributes gained from experience on the job and pass that knowledge down to the floor screeding contractors’ team. From working in the industry over a number of years a marry between extensive experience, a skilled workforce and modern equipment, be up to date with the latest technology and have strong references to back up their work make them a respectable and reliable company. The more the experience, the better adept the floor screeding contractors will be in managing the nuances of screeding all the way through planning, choice of screed, mix design, screed laying and screed protection to delivering on time and within the agreed budget and meet the client’s specific needs and requirements.

Different Types of Screed for Floor Screeding Contractors

With a variety of different floor screed options available for all properties, it is essential for the floor screeding contractors to acknowledge the task at hand and consider the best screed option for the customer and for the available space, to make an informed decision that fits in with all requirements. These flooring solutions and screed options include:

Hotel Key Management

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In a hotel environment keys are one of the most exchanged items between staff and customers. Guests, housekeeping and maintenance staff all need access to keys throughout the day within a hotel.

Keeping track of these keys can be a daunting task for any hotel owner. If a key goes missing, then guests and their belongings could be at risk. Using a hotel key tracking system is essential in running an efficient and streamlined hotel.

Gone are the days when a pen and paper was used to keep track of keys. This is a time-consuming process and is the responsibility of a member of staff which means employing an extra person.

A modern key tracking system can automatically keep a log of any keys without any human interaction for record keeping. This eliminates human error and prevents the event of any keys going missing or getting misplaced. The times in and out are also tracked with more advanced electronic systems which can then be logged on to tracking software.

Some advanced systems can even use biometrics to grant members of staff access to only the keys they require. This prevents employees from grabbing the wrong keys or getting them confused with others.

Hotels which offer this level of key tracking will create trust with their customers and staff. Keeping this level of meticulous records means any lost or misplaced keys can be identified quickly and easily.

The time saved for housekeeping staff is a reason on its own to install a key tracker on every floor of your hotel. Keys are available whenever needed with all the logging and signing for taken care of using an electronic system.

Hotel Key Management

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