Hotel Key Management

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In a hotel environment keys are one of the most exchanged items between staff and customers. Guests, housekeeping and maintenance staff all need access to keys throughout the day within a hotel.

Keeping track of these keys can be a daunting task for any hotel owner. If a key goes missing, then guests and their belongings could be at risk. Using a hotel key tracking system is essential in running an efficient and streamlined hotel.

Gone are the days when a pen and paper was used to keep track of keys. This is a time-consuming process and is the responsibility of a member of staff which means employing an extra person.

A modern key tracking system can automatically keep a log of any keys without any human interaction for record keeping. This eliminates human error and prevents the event of any keys going missing or getting misplaced. The times in and out are also tracked with more advanced electronic systems which can then be logged on to tracking software.

Some advanced systems can even use biometrics to grant members of staff access to only the keys they require. This prevents employees from grabbing the wrong keys or getting them confused with others.

Hotels which offer this level of key tracking will create trust with their customers and staff. Keeping this level of meticulous records means any lost or misplaced keys can be identified quickly and easily.

The time saved for housekeeping staff is a reason on its own to install a key tracker on every floor of your hotel. Keys are available whenever needed with all the logging and signing for taken care of using an electronic system.

Hotel Key Management

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