Private Pregnancy scan

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Concerned mums to be may want a private pregnancy scan, for many different reasons it could be that they are a first-time mum and want peace of mind that everything is okay, or that they have had problems in the past and they crave the reassurance that everything will be okay this time, or just that they are so excited they simply cannot wait for the NHS scan that seems so far away!

A private pregnancy scan can take place as early as 6 weeks at some private clinics, as a rule on the NHS you will normally have to wait until between 8-12 weeks. On the NHS usually, you will be given two scans, one at 12 weeks, one at 20 weeks…so some women feel they need extra so go ahead and book a private pregnancy scan.

A private pregnancy scan can cost anything from £45 up to £70 depending on which clinic you go to.

During a private pregnancy scan, there are a couple of things that will be checked, the uterus: the sonographer will check that the uterus is where it should be, then the heartbeat, in this scan a heartbeat is not listened too as this could be dangerous for the baby at this stage, but you will be able to see it flickering on screen.

There have been lots of medical studies that have proved that ultrasound scans do not harm the baby or the expectant moms to be. As a private pregnancy scan only last approximately 15 minutes it poses no threat and will not cause any harm.